Kiko Model | Fitness . Bikini . Lingerie . Nude


I am bookable for fantasy, fitness, bikini, lingerie and fineart (stylish topless and nude) photoshootings.

The following information is the basis for a successfull booking and professional shooting:

1. Booking fee to be paid before the shooting starts.

2. A legal contract should be provided stating exactly what the photographer can do with the images. The contract should be Emailed before the shooting. If the photographer has no legal contract a legal contract can be provided.

3. Any travel (and if required hotel) expenses to be paid for by photographer.

4. Make-up Artist (MuA) should be available for best shooting results (optional).

5. I reserve the right to bring a person to the shooting.

If the above points are ok please register here:

I look forward to working with you --Kiko.